Meditation Blues

As I mentioned in my previous post, a couple days ago I started scheduling time for my life. One of these life goals is to make time for meditation. I’ve always loved the idea of it: sitting in the lotus position and clearing the mind of all your troubles then afterwards feeling refreshed and switching tasks with ease. Maybe even becoming a little more spiritual in the process.

There are so many benefits: increased concentration, stress reduction, and an immune system boost to name a few. This is according to an article on WebMD by Susan Kuchinskas. This is one of several posted all over the internet with many consistencies. Meditation is good for you.

However, here is the reality of newly practicing it: 1) I have had zero practice meditating, aside from the couple sound therapy seminars I attended back in 2012 and various failed attempts where I just ended up falling asleep and 2) my attention deficit is a constant pain in the patella. Also, I couldn’t help but focus on how uncomfortable my neck was since I chose not to lay down for fear of falling asleep. In conclusion, meditation is hard.

The jist of it is that I kept getting distracted thinking about various topics (I need to clean my room and apply my antibiotic eye drops because contact lenses are of the devil, and what on earth am I going to write about) instead of reaching that deep sense of inner calm that I hear about.

Of course, fifteen minute sessions multiple times a day might not be ideal for spiritual revelations or inner calm. This is just to introduce myself to the practice of meditation. I read somewhere ages ago–I’d reference it if I could remember where–that fifteen minute sessions of meditation were useful for calming yourself and recharging your batteries in between tasks.

My goal is to utilise these fifteen minute meditations to the fullest and practice clearing my mind. Hopefully, I will get better at it eventually. “Practice makes perfect” is an overused phrase for a reason. Eventually, I would like to step it up to thirty minute meditations. That’s the long term goal at the moment.

What about you? Are there any meditation techniques that have worked for you? Have you tried and given up because you experienced similar problems to mine? Have you persevered through the problems and come out on the other side winning? I want to hear about your experience with meditation. To those who have never tried it, would you be willing to try it with me?

Thank you for reading and I hope the rest of your day goes well. Next time, I’m going to be talking about social media and how we spend so much time browsing through pictures, posts, and videos that we neglect actually doing something with our lives. I hope to see you there!

xoxo Kris



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